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Niel Venter

[this is good] Very acurate, you capured it the way it was. It was nice to be a part of it, it was a sad and undignified end to what was once considered a great brand in the industry, like seeing a bold war-hero enfeebled and pitifull in an old age home wearing diapers and wetting himself on his way to the other side. Still it doesn't detract from his moment of greatness.

Martin Greenall

[this is good] Wow, don't think i could have put it any better and sums up how i feel aswell.

David Chapman

[this is good] Thanks for relating how this went down on your side of the pond.

David Chapman

[this is good] Those of us at Midway San
Diego have been going through much the same drama of late.  We'd heard
something about your studio closing, but sadly no details.  My heart
goes out to you folks.  It's never easy seeing a company come to its
end.  I had the honor to work on Wheelman briefly, in my own small way,
and I was impressed with the obvious skill that went into crafting it. 
It's a crying shame that such a talented group of developers weren't
given a lifeline by someone.  Best of luck in finding new work, to all
you Newcastle peeps.  Cheers.

Sam Chester

[this is good] Great post Steve.

It really was a sad day to see the studio close after all the hard work that went into it all. It's even more of a shame that there aren't enough development studios in the area to soak up all the talent that was let go and keep a lot of the team together.

James Longstreet

[this is good] Wow, that's amazing.

Gareth O'Neill

Brilliant Write up Steve, seriously i think you captured every single detail and emotional feeling we all felt. It's such a terrible shame, I mean I personaly have not been in the industry long however i could tell the place was a great place to work, we all had a bit crack and laugh and joke etc, whilst helping each other out and working hard at teh same time. Even when we were working like 50+ hour weeks we still found time to smile and joke.

I will miss it for sure!

Good luck to all in the future :)


[this is good] Thank you so much for sharing this. As a big Wheelman fan from across the pon, I am super sad that the world is missing out on Necessary Force...but I hold steadfast the hope that it will surface in some shape or form soon. All the best to you and the Newcastle team!


Why did you hang around so long when the studio was obviously going to close down? Shouldn't you have spent your energy getting your resume out and finding a new job? I realise there's some weird attachment with lots of pride involved in your work (from reading this) but at the end of the day the employees get screwed over and the company has no interest in your well being. So I would say in this situation, screw the company look after #1.

Martin Greenall

Whilst 'Midway Newcastle' was very likely to close and not exist anymore the director group of the studio was working hard to find a buyer/alternate plan that would have kept the bulk of the studio employees together.

Unfortunately it was only very near the end that it became clear that none of the plans were to come to fruition.

With hindsight yes, it did seem inevitable but at the time things weren't so clear cut.

And the 'wierd attachment' you talk about can be found in many industries; its called esprit de corps, which Midway Newcastle truck loads of.


i hope you received all my emails… or, at this point, i hope you didn't.

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