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[this is good] 1.  Wah zombies!
2.  I'm surprised that the BBC would make such a big deal about this, yet promote sexytime telly on its American channel
3.  I guess this just means Barack is going to have to give Mr. Brand a green card so he can get his millions of dollars and viewers over here.
4.  Congrats to them and to you for being almost done with the game
5.  My condolences of Mr. Xbox but he shall return soon!  :-)


i am almost certain that the xbox 360 has a guaranteed red ring of death. i had one earlier this year and have stubbornly refused to call it in.  in the meantime, just rocking the gaming on my ps3 and computer. i hate the xbox and have since discourage people from thinking about buying a 360 (think bluray instead!)


Aha, yes. I would gladly get a PS3 but I still think it's kind of overpriced. I'm currently rediscovering the joys of the PS2 (still working after 9 years), the Wii and the good ol' PC. In my place of work, there's been a 85% failure rate of 360s of all those who own them. No fun.


Zombie tv show? reli?
The Ross/Brand scandal sounds amusing!
LOL, internet dickweed theory!

And way to work out those bugs in the game. It's going to be amazing, if solely because you've worked your tail (tail!) off, all in the name of love!

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